This is a pivotal time in the United States of America. I want to dedicate a post that isn’t so much a News item, because that would imply that with the passage of time it becomes irrelevant, but more of an every day thing. With the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, we’ve all seen protests, riots & a general uprising not just around the U.S. but around the WORLD. Even during a global pandemic, police brutality & gross misconduct persists. We can not allow this to continue as a society. We all have to keep fighting against racial injustice & inequality.

I was living in Baltimore in 2015 when Freddie Gray was killed by the Baltimore City Police. I remember the first night of unease. I remember not being able to go home after they blocked all parts of the city south of the Inner Harbor. I remember the chaos. I decided to look & listen. I took in everything that was happening. I helped clean up the city & bring food to community centers. I ended up marching for days alongside my fellow Baltimoreans to protest racial injustice & inequality because Black Lives Matter. That was in 2015.


(it me, far left in the orange)

(it me, far left in the orange)

Unfortunately, not much has changed since then. Here we are again. I’ve been taking to the streets in Portland, Oregon where I now live to fight the same fight I was a part of in 2015. If you’d like to join me & literally millions of others around the world, I am going to link all the organizations you can donate to. You can still make a difference even if you can’t get to any demonstrations or protests to show solidarity. Money is power, we’ve always known that. Show these organizations with your money that you won’t stand for this injustice any longer.

Here’s a list of organizations you can help:

Black Lives Matter


Black Visions Collective

Color of Change

Reclaim The Block

The Loveland Foundation

Know Your Rights

Unicorn Riot

The National Bail Fund Network

The organization ActBlue also gives you the ability to split your donations up among many different organizations & there are countless that you can donate to. Here’s a Black Lives Matter resource card for more. Please help in whatever way you can. Help people in the streets. Listen to people. Now is a time to take the first steps to fix a broken system. We’re all in this fight together.