Coffee Sip episode #8 & #9!!!


hey y’all,

I’ve been behind again. Seriously, if you stay up to date with the Coffee Sip Instagram page, you’ll see every episode as it drops (the podcast page on this site updates its player automatically with the new episodes too). Anyway, I’ll try to get better with updating the posts. Let’s be honest: current events can be pretty distracting.

In episode 8, I talk with Garrett Harvest, a comedian who doubles as the head of Hardy Hoarder. We talked iced coffee, convenience store coffee and coffee flavored candy. In episode 9, I talk with Lilly Sparks (comedian & filmmaker) about coffee walks, which coffee chain is the one to stan. Plus, I give some thoughts on La Colombe Coffee (dope) & Deadstock Coffee (super dope) varieties! Two instant classic episodes. sip up


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Episode #8 Candy Flavored Coffee Candy feat. Garrett Harvest Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Episode #9 In Coffee We Stan feat. Lilly Sparks Apple Podcasts | Spotify