The Stoner Morning Show 24 Hour Telethon Fundraising Stonerthon!


Aaaaayyyyy y’all,

The Stoner Morning Show is doing a 24 Hour Telethon Fundraising Stonerthon with all the proceeds going towards the Brooklyn Community Bail Fund. It’ll feature stand-up, sketch, improv, music, spoken word & so much more! Peep the line-up:




My timeslot is 1 AM EST which technically means it will be on 07/19, but if you’re TRUE stoner you’ll be up at that hour anyway. A lot of great acts are on it as well as a lot of super great stand-up including my good comedian friend Michael Furr. So make sure to tune in!! it’s for a good cause. see my new jokes that I’ve written during this insane quarantine.

where to watch:

YouTube | Twitch | Facebook

see y’all this weekend. also, you don’t need to be a stoner to watch lol