Coffee Sip episode #11 & #12 out NOW!



I’m again horrible at keeping up with this, but episode 11 & 12 of Coffee Sip are out!! If you’ve been following Coffee Sip’s Instagram page, you already knew that. For those of you that didn’t, fear not! Let’s dive into ‘em:




In episode 11, Nekia Hampton (illustrious bi-coastal comedian) joins me to talk about her drink of choice (it’s quite surprising!) and how coffee can be seen as food. It’s Coffee Sips longest episode, although it clocks in right under 20 minutes. It’s well worth it. Loooong Sip!! In episode 12, Darryl Charles (DTF Podcast, album Black Gentrifier out now on Helium Comedy Records) joins me to talk how he navigates on sale coffee and what times are the best for that second cup of coffee. Links below!

Episode #11 – Day Sippin’ (feat, Nekia Hampton) Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Episode #12 – Night Coffee (feat. Darryl Charles) Apple Podcasts | Spotify

P.S. pick up Darryl Charles’s debut album on his Bandcamp (support good comedy!)