Coffee Sip #13 & #14 out NOW!


ay ay AYYYY! Coffee Sip is back again with episode 13 & 14. Remember to follow Coffee Sip on Instagram to stay up-to-date with episodes and content the second they drop. Let’s get into what we have for these two amazing eps:




In episode 13, Nik Oldershaw (Coward Hour on the Hard Times Network) joins the cast to talk the one single coffee he’s had in his life & about how he’s just made of pure energy. It’s a nice overview of a person who doesn’t need coffee to be super hyped! Episode 14 finds us chatting with Elizabeth Norman (DC Improv, The Walters) about how hot coffee should be dismantled & her preferred method of cold brew coffee. This episode is one that breaks down the long established norms of coffee in a unique way. Links below!

Episode # 13 – The Sprite Coffee (feat. Nik Oldershaw) Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Episode #14 – Coffee is Too Hot (feat. Elizabeth Norman) Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Don’t forget to also check out Nik Oldershaw & Brendan Krick’s podcast Coward Hour. We consider them brothers in podcasting. It’s some good stuff!