Coffee Sip #17 & #18 are outchea



Say hello again to more Coffee Sip (remember to follow our Instagram page), because it’s back with some new piping hot eps. Two eps, #17 & #18 and two crazy good guests. Let’s see:




Episode 17 finds Michael Furr (Straight Acting on Amazon Prime Video) joining us to talk coffee pastry treat addictions and the legend of RoFo coffee. It’s a Baltimore staple episode, hon! Lots of good stuff in that one. And in episode 18, Kiki Andersen (Tipsy Topics) joins us to talk catuccinos, pupperccinos and Trader Joe’s coffee controversy. It’s a light then deep roast of an episode. Fun great stuff. Both are worth more than just one sip. Links below!

Episode #17 – Rock Hard Biscotti (feat. Michael Furr) Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Episode #18 – Catuccinos (feat. Kiki Andersen) Apple Podcasts | Spotify

And a special note, Michael Furr is also the producer and manager of The Lou Room Comedy Club. An independent comedy club in Baltimore, Maryland where I just so happened to record my special & album last year. Check out their YouTube channel where Michael is working hard to bring you content from the club during a dang PANDEMIC! Truly inspiring stuff.

Stand-up Comedy recorded live, with no audience!