Give a sip to Coffee Sip #24 & #25!



Coffee Sip is BACK of course with two expertly brewed eps for your listening pleasure!




In episode 24, LeMaire Lee (Punchline Philly, Helium) joins me to talk all about coffee’s main rival: energy drinks! He also goes thru all the different energy drink routines he’s had throughout the years. It’s a wild ep where insight is gained into how ppl who smash Monsters and Rip Its really live. In episode 25, Natalie McGill (Redacted Tonight on RT America) joins me to talk her personal coffee journey and movie theater candy tiers. It’s an intense episode that weaves in & out of coffeedom in a very exciting way. Check out both eps! They’re instant classics! Links below:

Episode #24 – Monster Energy Dinner (feat. LeMaire Lee) Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Episode #25 – Let’s All Go to the Lobby (feat. Natalie McGill) Apple Podcasts | Spotify

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Watch the full episode at Natalie McGill reports on how the fossil fuel companies that were previously fined m…