Coffee Sip #26 & #27 have both dropped



If you haven’t heard ‘em yet, the two crossover episodes with the Bong Hits podcast are now out. A great pod neighbor to us in the podcasting world, it consists of my fellow comedians & friends Camirin Farmer & Collin (Double L) Baker!




In episode #26, Collin Baker (Bong Hits) joins me to talk his initial coffee romance and about the one time he almost got fired from a coffeeshop by lighting some incense (really). It’s a humdinger of a story and really illustrates the West Coast coffeeshop culture. In episode #27, I talk to Camirin Farmer (Bong Hits, Your Virgo Friend Camirin on about how she got into working coffee and the social media influencer coffee shop she worked at in LA. It’s got some real spicy stories and insight into how famous people utilize coffeeshops. Listen to both! NOW (links below)

Episode #26 – Light Some Incense, Man (feat. Collin Baker) Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Episode #27 – Influencer Coffeeshop (feat. Camirin Farmer) Apple Podcasts | Spotify

ALSO do not forget to watch Camirin’s new show on Eternal Family Your Virgo Friend, Camirin. It’s an amazing show, take a look at a sample below: