it’s the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of It’ll Probably Be Fine



Today marks the one year anniversary of IT’LL PROBABLY BE FINE, my very first stand-up comedy album that i released last year. I’m in the same position as many where I feel like a different person now compared to a year ago. I’ve grown so much as a person and as a comedian. I’ve also had a year to sit with the album & gain some perspective on it:

There are some tracks I’m still pretty happy with (“Rat Pastry Chef,” “Triangle Boiz”) and some things I would definitely do differently if I recorded it now (would’ve actually mic’d the audience properly!!!!! rewritten parts of “D.A.R.E. No More,” added tags I have written since the recording, included more jokes that would’ve fit to make it longer, etc.). But as with anything, you just do it the best you can at the time. I still have a fondness for what is basically my love letter to Baltimore before I moved away. A lot of references are DMV specific & it was recorded a week or two after I got back from Portland, OR where I now live. It’s a crazy record of a tumultuous time in my life (I had also just quit drinking).

Thanks again to Jimmy Solesky for helping me with recording, Travis Marshall for shooting, directing & editing the video special (he’s a director now btw), Michael Furr for also helping shoot it & for managing the whole night flawlessly, Jordan Levine for doing the amazing promo poster art (he also did the logo for Coffee Sip, hit him up!!), Ian Salyers & T Moony for opening the show & warming em up for me that night AND Tad who was behind the bar. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. I’m still very appreciative of everyone involved. Recorded live Sept 2019 at The Lou Room Comedy Club in Baltimore, Maryland. If you still haven’t heard it, you can stream it on Spotify, Tidal, Apple, Google Play, YouTube or buy it on Bandcamp (name your price!) /end sappy anniversary post