Cruisewave Vaporsynth makes a triumphant return TONIGHT!


HEY y’all,

Hope you had a nice end to 2020, as bad of a year as it was. I’m returning as my DJ alter ego DJ ratbainbow LIVE, TONIGHT to Cruisewave Vaporsynth on Shady Pines Radio. I’m going live at 8 PM PST / 11 PM EST with two hours of vaporwave / synthwave / chillwave / ALL the waves, plus me as DJ ratbainbow sayin a few words in between the jams. Listen HERE or on their iOS and Android apps. If you missed the Best of 2020 CWVS, fear not, it can be found HERE as well as every archived past Cruisewave Vaporsynth from 2020. Now we’re in 2021, I’ll be live tonight to jam with you as we start another, hopefully better year. See y’all tonight!