Coffee Sip #33 & #34 are out!



Coffee Sip season 2 is in gear with the first two episodes of the new season! If you follow Coffee Sip on Instagram We’ve got two instant classics to start everything off in this year of 2021. Check ‘em out! Synopses and links below




In episode 34, Tom Myers (The Stand NYC, Tom Myers vs. The Rest of The World) joins me for one of the most political episodes of the podcast yet. We talk his obsessive fanbase, why coffee might fix Congress and a strange Cosby press conference. It truly must be heard to be believed. In episode 35, I talk with Jordan Levine (Wonderbooks, In The Pocket: Live) about what the labels on coffee really mean and the way desserts snuck into breakfast. Jordan not only is a comedian, but the CEO of a small business! He even made the very logo you see above for this podcast. Truly an episode that digs deep into coffee lore. Both are instant classics in my book. Links below:

Episode #33 – Give ‘Em Coffee Enemas (feat. Tom Myers) Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Episode #34 – Muffins Are Breakfast Cupcakes (feat. Jordan Levine) Apple Podcasts | Spotify