Have a sip of Coffee Sip episodes #36 & #37


HEEYYY y’all,

So, Coffee Sip has been going on stronger than ever (you already know this if you follow our Instagram page) and we have a slew of new episodes for y’all to check out if you haven’t yet! It gets pretty exciting.




On episode 36, Dalia Malek (The Interruption Show) joins me to talk the ridiculousness of Nescafe and using Starbucks as your own personal office. She reveals what she thinks is the best coffee ever, too! There are gems all over the episode. Definitely another classique. And on episode 37, Bunny Themelis (Pinko Commie Slutz podcast) joins me to chat about her own intricate coffee routine, Greek vs. Turkish coffee and the legitimacy of countries claiming certain food items. It’s a good ep full of history and controversy! Just the way we like it. Click thru the links below to listen to each of these hot, hot eps.

Episode #36 – Secret Starbucks Bathroom Code (feat. Dalia Malek) Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Episode #37 – Pinko Commie Coffee (feat. Bunny Themelis) Apple Podcasts | Spotify