I was recently on TWO great podcasts!!


HEEEYYY y’all,

I was on TWO (2) great podcasts this past week, Lucky Charm City & The Comics and Consoles Podcast. On Lucky Charm City, I reunited with my co-hosts Beth Haydon & Davion Williams to talk pizza vs. cereal for breakfast nutrition, Fruit Loops pizza, we cover the insane shrimp cereal guy fiasco & we all talk about what we’ve been up to since the podcast ended. Then, on The Comics and Consoles Podcast we (Winston Hodges, Barry White Hanson, Kyla McGrath, me) talk the latest gaming controversies, GameStop’s latest move, unfinished games & the misconception of sex vs. violence in video games. Both podcasts were hella fun to do and both hit some very different but important topics. Check ‘em out!! links below:

Lucky Charm City – A Shrimp Cereal Reunion Apple Podcasts | Spotify

The Comics and Consoles Podcast #12 feat. Chris Hudson & Kyla McGrath Apple Podcasts | Spotify | YouTube


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