Coffee Sip #38-#41 have BEEN out


AAAyyyyy y’all,

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve blogged about Coffee Sip, but it’s been going strong this whole time (if you follow Coffee Sip on Instagram, you already know). Let’s catch up on some episodes you may have missed if you haven’t checked up on it in a while.




In episode 38, Eric Glaeser (Live from The Studio) joins me to talk how his coffee has been tasting weird recently, spicy drinks and what his indulgent coffee-pastry combo is. His favorite pastry may surprise you! In episode 39, Prateek Srivastava (debut stand-up comedy album Nick & Sheila’s Kid OUT NOW) joins in to talk the illicitness of Dunkin coffee, Ben & Jerry’s suspiciousness and coffee cartels. A very funny, insightful discussion. In episode 40, Leelend Clayton (Wonder Woman 1984, DC Comedy Festival) joins me to chat about his sleepy coffee routine and his crazy obsession with hot water. It’s something you gotta hear if you’ve been on the fence about hot water. And in episode 41, Alex Camp (new album That Time I Lived in Japan OUT NOW) joins me to talk the coffee scene in Japan, coffee vs. tea in the UK and how he deals with his love of coffee while also being a Brit. We truly get down to the bottom of it! All the episodes are great and cover a lot of coffee ground(s). Links below!

Episode #38 – Drinking Lead for Breakfast (feat. Eric Glaeser) Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Episode #39 – America Runs on Coffee Cartels (feat. Prateek Srivastava) Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Episode #40 – Can I Get a Witness? (feat. Leelend Clayton) Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Episode #41 – Sip in Japan (feat. Alex Camp) Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Also, make sure to check out Prateek Srivastava’s album Nick & Sheila’s Kid then also check out Alex Camp’s album That Time I Lived in Japan !!! both are great stand-up comedy albums worth a listen. Keep on sippin’!