My Upcoming Shows



here it is!! more shows might be added and more info will be available soon. The showcase at Falco’s tonight is at 8 PM, NOT 9 PM like the poster states. I’d love to see y’all in the Portland / Vancouver (WA) / Tacoma area at these shows!!

Full Schedule:

07/18 Falco’s Funnies @ Falco’s 8 PM (Portland, OR)

07/22 Doomsday Brewing [hosting] 5 PM (Vancouver, WA)

07/24 Dirty Angel All Stars @ Kelly’s Olympian 7 PM (Portland, OR)

07/27 Nate Jackson’s Super Funny Comedy Club 8 PM (Tacoma, WA)

07/29 A Good Nap (on Zoom)

07/30 House Party Show 7:30 PM (Portland, OR) [?????]

08/01 Shady Pines Radio LIVE @ Kenton Club (Portland, OR)

Come to one or come to ALL of them!!!!