THANK YOU to everyone who tuned in to the LAST Cruisewave Vaporsynth on Shady Pines Radio



From me & DJ ratbainbow, thank y’all so much for tuning into the LAST Cruisewave Vaporsynth show ever on Shady Pines Radio!! It was a hectic but fun night, definitely an interesting way to cap off what was a very fun show for me to do. I said a fond farewell and goodbye for now.

Honestly, you might see me back on Shady Pines Radio in the future or on one of their in-person shows that they’ve been putting on. It’s the end of an era. Cruisewave Vaporsynth helped me get through the most locked down parts of 2020 & it always made me happy when people told me they liked the show. I had a lot of fun playing an eclectic, aesthetic mix every Saturday night.

I want to thank Brian & Callie who head SPR and also host Nocturnal Submissions, which is one of SPR’s flagship shows. I definitely look forward to collabing with them on various projects in the future.

A new episode of Coffee Sip is coming soon. My life got pretty tumultuous (I was on tour! I had to move immediately after!) but amazing things are coming. If you’d like to listen to Cruisewave Vaporsynth, every show is archived HERE. Over 100 hours of vaporsynthy broadcasting. You’re welcome. I love you.