LIVE from my QUARANTINE I’m on CHIRPING BIRD!! (Judah Friedlander closing it out)


Hey y’all,

I’ve been in quarantine since last week because I caught COVID. If you tried to come see me at Cruzroom Annex on the 22nd, my bad. Robby Sherman filled in for me and I heard it was a smashing good time. Anyway, I’ve been trying to stay sane with video games, Discord chats, show binging, etc. And TONIGHT I have the pleasure of being on Chirping Bird Comedy streamed on Comedy Hub and closed out by the one and only Judah Friedlander. It’s gonna be very fun, more interactive than an in-person stand-up show and you’ll see a slate of talented comedians from all over the country and even world. Check out what’s happened to me after being in my apartment for days and days. See y’all soon!