Check out Coffee Sip Episode #19 & #21 NOW!



While Coffee Sip #20 was a solo ep (because of the West Coast wildfires) episodes #19 & #21 are full eps with guests which are out now! If you follow Coffee Sip on Instagram y’all already know this (I highly suggest following to stay up-to-date on current eps). Let’s dig in & see what we’ve got




In episode 19, Brendan Krick (Coward Hour, The Hard Times) joins me to discuss horrible office coffee that almost killed him & bad coffee nightmares. It’s a doozy of an ep from a very small man who is a not only a great comedian but also a great friend of mine! In episode 21, Abby Mello (Magooby’s Joke House, Punchline Philly) joins me to talk hotel Keurigs and the world of coffee shop hipsterdom. It’s an instant classic Coffee Sip ep that everyone should hear! Both eps are instant classics, actually. Links for both episodes are below:

Episode #19 – Bioweapon Coffee (feat. Brendan Krick) Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Episode #21 – Apple Store of Coffee (feat. Abby Mello) Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Brendan Krick also has a new comedy album (that he refers to as a “comedy mixtape” since the recordings are from different shows) available for purchase now!! It gets a huge Coffee Sip co-sign so check it out HERE