Coffee Sip #22 & #23 are OUT!!



Coffee Sip is back, baby. And we’ve got two mega great episodes for your listening pleasure! Let’s see:




In episode 22, Dark Mark (Don’t Stop Comedy) joins me to talk the joy of holding coffee and a new type of water that seems to have already been discovered. It’s a real rollercoaster of an episode! Then in episode 23, Alyssa Cowan (Lettertalk, STAB! Comedy Theater) joins me to talk about going between caf and decaf plus the worst coffee experience she’s ever had in her entire life. This might be an episode where we do Italian accents at each other for a few minutes (yes). Both are mega eps that you have to hear! Links below:

Episode #22 – New Water (feat. Dark Mark) Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Episode #23 – You Call This a Table?! (feat. Alyssa Cowan) Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Don’t forget to check out Alyssa as a regular on many live on the internet (for now) STAB! Comedy Theater productions! Like this one: