Coffee Sip #28-#31 been out


It’s been a hot min since I’ve given a Coffee Sip update, but here’s a mega update. If you’ve been following Coffee Sip on Instagram you’re already in the loop about these eps. If not, don’t worry. Here’s what we have in store for you for Episodes 28-31.




In episode 28, Winston Hodges (DC Improv, new special Grieving Productively out now) joins me to chat about how he drinks more coffee than he thinks and how anyone ever drank coffee on purpose. We dig deep into the supposed origins of coffee for this one. A truly historic ep! In episode 29, Rose Vineshank (The Hard Times) about why she thinks coffee is a sham and why Bloody Marys should be allowed to be enjoyed at all times of day. I had my mind changed about something in that ep.

In episode 30, Violet Gray (Laughfinder, Night Train with Wyatt Cenac) joins the pod to talk a mysterious series of novels and vintage hipsters. It’s one of my fav eps of all time for sure! And in episode 31, Bruce Gray (The Comedy Store, The Gray Area) comes on to talk his controversial coffeeshop opinions & why giving coffee tours made him run into one of the most intense baristas ever. it’s a harrowing tale! Def all great eps. Links below

Episode #28 – Dehydrating Bean Water (feat. Winston Hodges) Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Episode #29 – Bloody Marys in The Club (feat. Rose Vineshank) Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Episode #30 – The Coffeehouse Mysteries (feat. Violet Gray) Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Episode #31 – Scared Straight for Coffee (feat. Bruce Gray) Apple Podcasts | Spotify