Cruisewave Vaporsynth Best of 2020 TONIGHT!



Y’all, y’all, y’all. We’re coming close to the end of the year and c-huddy has a bunch of great content for you. The first of which is Cruisewave Vaporsynth Best of 2020 show broadcasting LIVE TONIGHT on Shady Pines Radio. If you’ve never heard the show or have missed a bunch of them, fret not. I have chosen the best songs from every Cruisewave Vaporsynth show (if you’d like to catch-up though, the archive is HERE) and will be spinning those jams LIVE in studio as my DJ alter ego DJ ratbainbow. Close out your Christmas week with the best vaporwave / synthwave / chillwave / gothwave / darkwave / mallwave / etc. tunes around! You can tune in via the Shady Pines Radio site or via their sleek iOS & Android apps. See ya (audibly) tonight!